The Business World In 2050: Robot Coworkers And Four-Hour Work Days?

New findings from a report delve even deeper into the future and anticipate how the future of business and work will look in 2050.

The report, released today by Yell, offers a positive outlook of how companies will be in 2050 because of a flurry of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, as well as the Internet of Things.

The digital marketing service provider has joined forces with the renowned scientist and writer James Wallman to predict how certain developments in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact small or new companies.

The report’s entirety focuses on seven main trends foreseen by James and his team, including:

The revolution of the cobot

Instead of focusing on robots, we should be excited about “cobots robotics. They are a team created to collaborate with humans. Machines can perform routine, repetitive tasks, from chopping and fetching, to searching the internet for information and performing complicated calculations. Humans are likely to move into the value chain and perform jobs that machines can’t accomplish as well, tasks that require imagination, empathy, and, most importantly, human interaction. Conversely, “cobots are likely to help us become more productive and happier at work.

The workday is 4 hours long.

The current working day was designed to squeeze every bit possible from workers working in offices and factories. Research shows that eight-hour work days are inefficient, and the ideal is more like 4 hours each day. As robots and “cobots” can perform more regular tasks in life, people are expected to become more inventive. The best way to develop creativity is to work around four hours daily.

The game of reputation

In the age of transparency and increased concern about environmental and ethical issues, companies are shifting from a singular focus on profit to a broader concern. The focus of your business isn’t just on running a profitable business but also on the people and our planet, the goals, and performance. Your reputation is what you’re capable of doing and how you perform it — will become ever more crucial in the coming years.

In the wake of the rapid growth of social media and digital, Yell has transformed into an online company that assists companies and consumers to succeed on the internet and has pledged to help a million companies get found, selected as a trusted source by more clients on the internet in 2020.

Mark Clisby, product and marketing director at Yell, claims, “We’re living in a moment of amazing transformation. In the age of ‘cobots’ and shorter working hours, the importance of a good reputation and image in the coming years struck us. Since for every small company owner, the main focus should be on the client regardless of how advanced technology becomes.”

“The next 30 years will be exciting for all of us. We’re looking forward to working with both consumers and business owners to adapt to new technologies as well as in the future.”

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