Review of the U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Business Card: Up to 5%.

Cashback in popular categories and a $500 Welcome Offer with No Annual Fee.

The U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard(r), free of annual fees, offers small-business owners a generous welcome bonus and great bonus categories. This card is an excellent choice if you want to earn cash back.

Review: Is the U.S. Bank Business triple Cash Rewards the best card for you? Many options are available for small-business owners looking for a card that offers rewards in popular bonus categories. The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card is worth considering if you spend a lot on bonus categories.

After spending $4,500 on purchases made on your card within the first 150 days of opening an account, you will receive $500 cash back. U.S. Bank does NOT count authorized user purchases towards the minimum requirement. This means that spending must be made on the account owner’s card.

This is an excellent bonus for a card that doesn’t have an annual fee. Even though the spending requirement can be pretty high, it will take approximately five months to fulfill.

The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card earns 5% cashback on prepaid hotels or car rentals booked through U.S. Bank Rewards Center. There is also 3% cash back on eligible purchases at gas stations and E.V. charging stations. Office supply stores, cell service providers, restaurants, and other suitable locations. Many business owners will find it helpful to have an annual $100 credit for software subscriptions such as FreshBooks and QuickBooks.

We mentioned that there are many cards available for small businesses. Finding one that rewards the business spending you already make is essential.

The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card is an excellent choice if you are a frequent spender in the bonus categories and don’t mind paying an annual fee. You’ll get 3% back on eligible purchases if your business spends at restaurants, gas stations/E.V. stations, shops, and other places. This is a 1% cashback card, but there are better options.

An annual $100 software credit is available. This is an added perk to a no-annual-fee card. It can be used for recurring subscriptions such as FreshBooks and QuickBooks. These software subscriptions are for business software that helps with invoices, receipts, taxes, etc. A $100 discount is available annually if you use accounting software to run your business.

This card is not suitable for businesses that have other expenses, such as shipping, appliances, travel, and online advertising.

The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card is an excellent choice if you want a cash bonus. The generous welcome offer makes it easy to receive a rebate on your business purchases. The card offers 0% intro APR for purchases and balance transfers for 15 billing cycles (then an 18.24% – 27.24% Variable APR), which is unusual for a business card. You can use a 0% APR rate to purchase items for your business for a long time. Ensure you pay it off before the introductory rate expires to avoid interest.

The card doesn’t have an annual fee, so there is no ongoing cost. You can open the card and determine if it’s worth it for your business. You can also use the U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Card to complement other cards that offer different bonus categories so that you can maximize your business purchases.

How to earn rewards with the U.S. Bank Triple-Cash Rewards card

The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card gives you 5% cashback on pre-booked hotels and car rental bookings made through the U.S. Bank Rewards Center. You’ll also earn 3% cash back on eligible purchases

Gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations (purchases of gasoline and electric vehicle charging more than $200 won’t be considered automotive fuel purchases and will earn 1% cashback).

  • Office supply stores
  • Providers of cell phone service
  • Restaurants
  • All eligible purchases will earn you 1% cashback

There are no restrictions on the rewards you can earn, and your rewards will never expire so long as your card remains open.

How to use your rewards

You can access your online account to request a statement credit or deposit rewards to any U.S. Bank account. Redeeming rewards requires a minimum of $25.

Real-Time Rewards can be set up via your mobile device. This allows you to use your points instantly to cover any purchase made with your U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Card. You can use your rewards to get a statement credit seconds after making an eligible purchase.

Cash rewards can be saved for big purchases or used as statement credits to make eligible purchases.

Features and Benefits

While the main benefit of U.S. Bank’s Triple Cash Rewards Card is its bonus categories and welcome bonus, you should also know about a few other benefits.

Offer with 0% initial APR.

New U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Card cardholders get a 0% intro APR for purchases and balance transfers for 15 billing cycles, followed by an 18.24% – 27.24% Variable rate. Balance transfers within 30 days after account opening are eligible for the 0% introductory rate.

This long-term 0% APR offer is excellent for any card, but it’s rare for small-business cards. It can help promote your business, increase business spending, or buy new equipment. To get the best out of the offer, ensure you pay your balance entire before the introductory period ends to avoid interest.

$100 per year software credit

You’ll receive a $100 credit once a year when you use the U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards card to pay for eligible software services for 11 consecutive months. The merchant code of qualified services is used to identify them. FreshBooks and QuickBooks are also included. This benefit resets once every 12 months.

World Elite Mastercard benefits

The U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card is a World Elite Mastercard with extra travel and shopping benefits such as Shoprunner membership, Lyft credits, and DoorDash credit.

Access to the Rewards Centre Earn Mall

You can earn extra points by shopping online and paying with your U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Card in over 1,100 locations. The portal can be accessed online.

Real-Time Reward

The unique feature of U.S. Bank is that you can instantly redeem points via text to make eligible purchases. To enroll, you will need to sign up for the service. When you make a purchase, you will receive a text asking if you would like to redeem your points instantly. To redeem your points, simply reply with “REDEEM.” Your balance will immediately be debited of issues.

Costs and fees

Although the U.S. Bank Business Triple-Cash Rewards Card does not have an annual fee, there is a 3% foreign transaction charge. This card is not recommended for use abroad.

There are fees for balance transfers and cash advances. Late or returned payments can also be charged.

Triple Cash Rewards vs. other cashback business cards

  • 5% Cash Back and 2% Cash Back on the Ink Business Credit Card for purchases up to $25,000 yearly. Then 1% Cashback.

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