Personal Experience Leads To A Passion For Business.

After quitting her full-time position in aged health care facilities, this Great Southern potter sought a more flexible job. The process found invaluable guidance from The Business Local team at the Albany Business Centre.

“When I was diagnosed with second cancer, and I was given a year to live, it was a case of having to change my lifestyle,” Vicki stated.

“I threw myself into pottery, certainly not thinking that over 12 years later, I’d still be littering the place with my creations.”

Crafting a unique business

The company is based in Torbay, located 20 miles away from Albany. Vicki makes functional and gorgeous pottery. She also offers custom-made pieces of pottery through her company Torbay Pottery, also called Wonky Pot Pottery.

“Pottery has been my passion, and I’ve been able to develop it into a business,” she explained. “Much help has come from the workshops provided by the Business Local team at the Albany Business Centre.”

A project from an initiative of the SBDC, Business Local is an expert network of business advisors across the region of WA that provide valuable guidance for small-scale business owners for no cost. It is the Albany Business Centre that offers the service in Albany as well as across the Great Southern region.

Business Local advisors are available for one-on-one appointments to provide individualized and confidential small-business assistance. They also offer groups of workshops on various topics, including financial management, business planning and taxation, leasing needs, marketing, social media, and expanding your business.

The business team that supports sole operators

“Business Local is an incredible service to those of us who are micro, solo businesses, who don’t always have a lot of support,” Vicki added.

“As entrepreneurs with small businesses, We must reorient ourselves and look at ways to help our company expand. We’ve held markets, and created pop-up shops, and I’m involved in art trials; however, for business basics, the advice Business Local gave at the Albany Business Centre is really useful.

“It just gives you that extra push-a-long when otherwise you would waste time thrashing around in the water just not getting focused.”

Accessing a variety of assistance

In addition to getting the assistance she needs, Vicki has taken advantage of Business Local to learn new methods to grow her business.

“The workshops that they’re running now are fantastic, and they’re perfect for where I’m at introducing e-commerce and website design, and you’re getting skillful people being able to give you that advice and that input.”

While running a business with a creative flair differs from what many may think, it has brought tremendous benefits and increased flexibility to Vicki.

I’ve never had a harder time, but this is completely different. As your boss, you can take on the task to meet your own needs.”

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