Negotiation and Real Estate: Million-Dollar Advice from Ryan Serhant, Business Mogul.

Ryan Serhant, a real estate broker, author, and business and media mogul, is Ryan Serhant. Bravo’s Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York and its spinoff series Sell it As Serhant featured him. As a guest on Negotiate Anything, he shared his top tips for negotiating success in business and personal life.

A strong negotiator needs to have the right mindset. Serhant believes that negotiation should be seen as a chance to solve problems.

He said, “Negotiation to me is conflict mediation.” “One side wants something, the other wants another, and you have to find a way.”

Serhant recognizes that negotiation is often about two opposing perspectives trying to win their way. However, he advises against entering negotiations without looking at how you can help the other party win.

Strong negotiators can include solutions for these problems in any deal they propose after making connections between their counterpart’s wants and fears (or what they want to avoid).

Endurance for the Win

Some deals don’t close in one conversation. It can take months, if not years, to complete a deal with potential clients in many industries, including real estate. Serhant recognizes the importance of being patient and persistent in this situation.

This may seem sensible on paper, but it cannot be easy to implement in real life. Many people fear becoming annoying or bothersome. Serhant also has a strategy to overcome this: Always follow up with value.

Instead of checking in to confirm your previous communication was received by the company, you can check in with any new information, offers or deals. Serhant suggests reaching out to someone without expecting a reply, even if it’s only to say hi or find out if they have any questions.

He recommends that anyone who expresses their desire to be left alone is respected. He strongly discourages the practice of letting go by negotiators or sellers long before this happens.

“Follow-up is free; quitting can be forever.”

Becoming a Negotiation Writer

Each negotiation is unique. Serhant suggests that you take the time to identify the end goal before each conversation. This is similar to how you would write the ending to a movie or song. You can then create a roadmap of how you will get there, considering any obstacles.

Serhant said, “Great negotiators know their cadence and what they do with it.” Add some personality and tough skin, and you’re good to go.

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