My Slime Company Boasts 4.5 Million Users In TikTok And Has Sold Items For The Kardashians.

Here's how I began and developed the company from my living room.

I’ve always wanted to be an all-time creator of content. I began with my channel on YouTube in 2014, mainly creating lifestyle and fashion Vlogs. In 2017, I saw an increase in slime videos and decided to create the first of mine. I had only a couple of thousand followers then, but my first video of making slime received many thousands of viewers in a matter of hours. I was stunned and decided to try the same thing again. Before I realized it, all my content was focused on slime.

The people who watched my videos constantly asked me if I could purchase the slime I created, which is why I started the Peachybbies brand in February 2017.

My sister and mom helped me manage the business from our home. I was unsure how to do it, and there was a huge learning curve. I developed two slime textures, cloud-creme and jelly, and then added decorative charms and scents. Then, I sold them for $17 per piece.

Restocks would be sold out within minutes until mid-2019 when the slime trend began to fade, and sales dropped. I decided to close the shop because I wanted to concentrate on YouTube and depended on a few brand deals to pay for my expenses.

Then, shortly after, I met my current business friend, Tyler, who convinced me to consider giving Peachybbies another chance. We put around $30k into revamping the website and logo, updating the packaging, purchasing an updated mixer to make the slime, and purchasing inventory. In the beginning, we were working from our bedroom.

Peachybbies launched a new website on Black Friday in 2019. Its business was slow but steady over the first six months.

In February 2020, we submitted paperwork to form an LLC.

I was still creating YouTube videos, but I was enjoying them less and less editing 10 minutes of videos takes a lot of time, and I was burnt out. After we relaunched the company, I began making TikToks as an alternative, and they received little attention until the app went viral in the middle of the epidemic.

We had around 20,000 followers when I started posting regularly at the beginning of the summer of 2000, and at the close of the year, we had a million followers. In September 2020, We signed our first lease for an area of 1,300 square feet to manufacture our slimes on a larger scale.

TikTok has given an entirely new meaning to slime. Currently, the majority of our sales are generated by the platform. Social media is the primary reason for our growth. However, when we are exposed towards new clients (we have 4.5 million users of TikTok), it may be challenging to increase the size of the manufacturing aspect of the company to meet the demand.

When famous people like Kim Kardashian and her daughter North are seen endorsing our product, the sales rocket.

We moved into our present 55,000-square-foot warehouse in April 2021. we’re currently looking for a space that has a larger storage capacity. By the end of 2020, we only had one employee. We now have 20 employees, and we are seeking to recruit more.

We need help to keep up with the demand. Every replenishment sells out in a matter of minutes.

In 2021 we sold more than one hundred thousand units of slime. It could take up to one hour to create one batch, which makes about 100 units. We also create 50 to 75 sets per week.

The principal components are glue and an activator, that is, borax. Borax acts as an agent of binding that transforms the bond into slimy consistency. After a while, the slime transforms into a liquid glue which is why we provide an activator pen in every purchase. If the mud becomes sticky, add an activator, making the slime like new.

The thing that is what sets Peachybbies different in comparison to other stores selling slime is the aesthetic packaging, packaging, as well as overall presentation of our products and our brand. We have put a lot of energy into creating new and exciting content and adjusting to the latest trends to delight our followers.

We also incorporate scent oils, glycerin, and fake snow to make our slime fluffy and full of charms, sprinkles, and glitter to bring our lice back to life.

If I’m not editing or filming footage to be used on TikTok and Instagram, I’m developing new products.

I create the majority of slimes by myself. However, occasionally my team and followers will offer suggestions.

The slimes in our videos are inspired by food items, such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Dunkaroo Dip, and My Butter Half; however, we don’t use accurate food items as the ingredients. All of the “ingredients” in our cooking-inspired TikTok videos are made from slime or clay, which we then put in actual packaging (like the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter container or a Betty Crocker Ice Cream Chip Frosting container) to make it appear more authentic.

We try to keep things interesting in our shop, which is why I create 20 fresh slime concepts every week. Once I’ve narrowed the list to five, I make small batches of the slime and then design labelling and packaging to capture product photos to use on the site. Since it’s impossible to keep the shop wholly filled, we adhere to the exact drop times (Fridays starting at 7 p.m. ET) so that customers know when the new slime is due to be released. Our lice currently are priced from $14-$17.

Making a product that gives people joy has been an enjoyable experience. I am always amazed by how thrilled the daughter of a customer was when she received our slime on her birthday or how playing with the slime eased the anxiety of a client, and that’s the reason we’re trying to grow our business to ensure that everyone who would like to purchase slime from us has the opportunity to.

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