How Microsoft Can Double Its Advertising Business To $20 Billion.

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Let’s start with Microsoft. We’re looking at what Microsoft needs to do to reach its ambitious goal of doubling its advertising revenue to $20 billion as the ad industry prepares for what will be a difficult 2023.

Ready? Let’s get started.

  1. Microsoft intends to increase its advertising revenue to $20 billion. Insider spoke with Rob Wilk, Microsoft Ads chief. He revealed plans to increase the company’s advertising business by doubling its size. According to consultants, if it succeeds, Microsoft could become a “big four-sized” global player in the ad business.

Microsoft faces a considerable challenge. The gloomy economic outlook has slowed growth for advertising stalwarts Meta and Google. Microsoft continues to face fierce competition from TikTok and Amazon.

Plus, 2023 looks like it will provide little relief: Privacy-focused regulations will significantly impact ad targeting for adtech businesses next year.

Ad experts say that Microsoft Advertising must combine all its properties with being successful. This includes Bing search, Xbox, and MSN. Hundreds of websites use Xandr (the firm it bought from AT&T) to sell digital ads.

Bucharest, Romania – November 27, 2019: View of Microsoft Romania headquarters in City Gate Towers situated in Free Press Square, in Bucharest, Romania.

Based on Insider Intelligence estimates, Microsoft would surpass Tencent and Chinese media giant Tencent if it had $20 billion in ad revenues. This would make it the sixth-largest global digital ad seller.

  1. Here’s your guide to Cyber Monday deals. The best streaming services sales include a Peacock subscription at 80% and a Hulu subscription at 55%. More than 100 deals are available.
  2. Elon Musk hired one of the fake Twitter quitters to pretend that he was a laid-off engineer. One of the pretending laid-off engineers, Daniel Francis, is now employed by the company. This was an additional tactic to add to the chaos that Musk experienced on his first day as Twitter’s founder. He got the job.
  3. Sam Bankman-Fried: Where did his money go? The net worth of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was $26 billion at its peak. This sum was spent on properties and political donations, as well as funding sports teams. Lawyers now say that “the Emperor had no clothes.” Here’s where the cash went.
  4. Software engineer shares his worst job experiences. Gyasi Calhoun is a front-end developer and software engineer at Twilio. He said that there are perks to his job but that it can be stressful. Here are some of the downsides to software engineering: From having to code outside of work to becoming addicted to success,
  5. Elon Musk is a member of an exclusive Hollywood club that prohibits members from taking photos. San Vicente Bungalow members are subject to penalties for using their phones. Guests must also cover their phones with opaque stickers when they visit the club. All we know is for something other than Hollywood A-listers.
  6. Spotify pays its employees how much? Insider has analyzed data and found that Spotify offers a base salary of up to $370,000 to top talent. They also hire for dozens more roles. Find out how much you can earn for jobs at Spotify in advertising and engineering.
  7. Alphabet’s DeepMind placed a hiring freeze for new interns. One applicant claimed that his interview was canceled an hour before it was scheduled to begin. Here’s what we know so far.
  8. The $2.1 million Rimac Nevera electric supercar is available to view. Insider’s writer test-drove the EV and described it as feeling like he was flying an ultra-luxury rocket. You can read the complete review here.
  9. Amazing footage is shared by doorbell camera owners. Users have started sharing fantastic footage from their cameras on social media, such as strangers trying to enter their homes or a thief tricking them. A doorbell camera saved our lives ten times.

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