How Can You Avoid Being Isolated When Working At Your Home?

The life of a small business owner can be challenging, Particularly if you work at home or are a sole trader.

Although some may believe it’s all about work-from-home and in your pajamas (which is a great benefit), this isn’t the entire picture of it in reality.

Sometimes the absence of contact with other people or feeling isolated may affect your mood, and feelings of loneliness or loneliness can take hold. It can become more intense if you have yet to go on your regular excursions because of factors like COVID lockdowns or other restrictions.

These suggestions have been put together to help you overcome loneliness. They’ll not only help you get a boost in your life and a much-needed social interaction, but they’ll also bring positive effects on your company.

Explore a coworking area

Coworking spaces can give you a required change of scenery and an opportunity to network with local business owners. Spending a day or fortnight in a coworking space is beneficial in alleviating feelings of loneliness.

Many coworking areas around Perth will offer you a space to work (NB You may have to register first or pay a small amount to enter, so be sure to make sure you are aware of this before arriving). Some of these coworking spaces provide more than just a space to park your laptop, meeting rooms, event space, and coffee.

The local library or council could also provide coworking space for entrepreneurs. So, please take a look to find out what they provide. If you reside in a local authority area that belongs to the Small Business Friendly Local Government program, they might give you access to additional facilities and events.

Remember the local cafe in your area. It is possible to work alongside others while investing money back into another small-scale company (be sure to invest in food and beverages when you’re settled in for some time!).

Join an association for industry or join a networking group.

Although social media has changed our perception of networking, there’s plenty of value to be gained by meeting people in person. A membership in an industry association and your regional Chamber of Commerce or business network could allow you to network and meet to know others in your field, increasing your profile. They may result in business referrals or other opportunities.

If your work and family needs make it difficult for you to go around, the virtual network group I’m part of as a small-business owner from Western Australia is also an ideal place to discuss ideas and get feedback from a supportive group.

Discover something completely new

Continuous training and development not only bring you out of your house but can assist you in learning new skills to benefit your business and keep you on the highest level. Professional development doesn’t need to be expensive, as we provide various workshops for free across the state.

If you choose to join an association for industry or network, these might offer opportunities for professional development and learning.

Set aside time to enjoy your leisure activities

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a movie or going out for coffee with your friends, or taking part in an exercise class for a group or a fitness class, having some social activities planned into your schedule each week will assist you in beating feelings of loneliness and provide you with something to look towards. It will give you a much-needed break from worrying about your work or being attracted to checking your emails outside of office hours.

Talk with someone

It may sound corny, but a shared problem is a halved problem. In business, you can confront various issues, and discussing your problems can be beneficial. Whether it’s a fellow small-business owner or a professional councilor doesn’t matter. If you feel that things are getting to you, try to speak to someone.

If you’re concerned about how your company is doing or are involved in a business dispute, You can reach us through our business advisory service to get help and advice for free.

More details

For more information on managing your health as a business owner and for support services available to businesses facing financial challenges, check out our driving anxiety and stress pages.

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