Business Travel Tips Take Stress Off With These Tips from a Successful Millennial CEO.

“Behind all great women are the women who make great women.” As the founder and chief executive officer of the popular network Create & Cultivate, Jacyln Johnson exemplifies what she says.

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“Behind each great female are women who are amazing.” As the founder and chief executive officer of the popular social media platform Create & Cultivate, Jacyln Johnson lives by what she is preaching. With two successful businesses and recognitions by Adweek, Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur to her credit at 30 years of age, Johnson doesn’t just have an occupation. She is the one who creates them.

With the lack of resources for women who have achieved their goals, Johnson launched Create & Cultivate to help women reach their career goals and take on the role of their bosses. The company began small, with an event with 50 business owners in Palm Springs. As a result, Johnson received hundreds of emails from women eagerly awaiting the next conference.”That’s the moment I realized that there was a lot of enthusiasm around that idea.” stated Johnson. “It is like having the perfect job.”

In major cities across the nation, sold-out Create and Cultivate events bring together thousands of women to participate in panels, mentorship sessions, and keynotes that serve as rallying calls from big names in the field like Gloria Steinem, Gina Rodriguez, and Mandy Moore. The conference for career professionals has received a modernization for the age of millennials and is focusing on competition but on collaboration.

Conducting massive networking events throughout the nation has led to Johnson being an expert traveler. In keeping with the pay-it-forward mindset she applies in her work to Create & Cultivate, Johnson has teamed up with Hyatt house hotels to provide her top travel advice to all the savvy travelers in the world. Please look at the video above to find out how Johnson travels more efficiently, and then read on for her top travel tips.

Business Travel like an entrepreneur

As business owners, we’re working all the time to grow your business every moment,” says Johnson. “Being in a position to tackle anything like travel with that same mindset of never being content, always looking for the best, seeking the most efficient and productive method of working is vitally important.”

For Johnson, it comes down to keeping a schedule organized in her daily life and streamlining the travel schedule. While traveling, Johnson prefers to stay in Hyatt House hotels, whose apartments let guests disperse and use the spacious rooms and the conference spaces in the hotel’s informal setting and business center onsite to the best way for their specific requirements.

Johnson adds that the vast fridge and inside-room kitchen are helpful on longer trips, assisting her in cutting costs as she does not have to go out for every meal. “It creates the illusion of an apartment instead of a tiny space you’re trying to squeeze in.” Its lobby H Market in the Hyatt House hotels provides healthy choices like fresh fruits and other essentials such as pasta. You could also have the hotel take care of your shopping and bring your groceries into your hotel room.

Don’t be living out of your luggage.

Johnson emphasizes that it is crucial to pack far beyond the essentials and consider what could be a problem. “Hope that everything goes well, but be prepared for the worst” is her mantra. Johnson always has robust chargers and backup chargers for meetings, a hotspot to connect if Wi-Fi goes out, and a variety of business cards for networking.

“I’m the kind of person who packs everything quickly,” says Johnson. With multiple activities during a typical night traveling, Johnson takes comfort in making plans for her wardrobe in advance. Hyatt House hotel rooms feature spacious closets that help you plan your wardrobe ahead of time and eliminate that living-out-of-a-suitcase feeling.

Keep up with your routine.

“My special sauce lies in routine. “Routine, routine,” Johnson says. Johnson. Johnson likes working early, which is made easy with Hyatt House hotels’ 24-hour fitness rooms that keep you focused with headphones or any other equipment you might have overlooked accessible from the menu of Borrows. Another secret? “Excellent coffee.”

Maximize your time in the air.

If you’re spending a lot of time traveling, it’s essential to ensure the time stays on you. “Learn the best ways to conduct yourself when traveling on planes. Are you a sleeper? It’s work-related,” says Johnson. She always has a backpack packed with everything to have a productive and pleasant travel experience, from noise-canceling headphones to self-care items like moisturizing spray mists and masks for the face.

Relax and unwind.

Although you’re on the road to work, not for vacation, it’s crucial to have time to relax between meetings and jog around. “Being capable of relaxing within the area you’re in is crucial, whether it’s getting up early or stepping out and exploring the town you’re in and checking out new restaurants as well as the local scene,” Johnson says. Johnson.

“There’s an entire young generation of business owners using business travel to reinvent it. We’re in a position to feel like it’s taking over our lives. It’s improving it.”

Through Hyatt House hotels offering convenient amenities such as complimentary breakfast, a customized omelet option, a complete menu available at the onsite H Bar, and a 24/7 business center onsite in over 100 places around the world, Business trips can be productive and enjoyable.

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