Are E-signatures Able to Bring a Personal Touch to Small Businesses?

Many businesses now look for human connections with customers in light of the shift to digital everything. One solution may be a combination of digital signature technology and video conferencing.

At a recent ITWC briefing, Sameer Hajarnis (e-signature lead with OneSpan) stated, “in the last few years, we have truly gone to more an anywhere economy.” People want to conduct transactions in their own homes. However, complex transactions require human assistance.

Hajarnis said that human interactions are more important than ever. He noted that people could no longer stay home and had begun working long hours. “This is a time for businesses to engage with customers. Customers want this engagement.”

Hajarnis stated that a platform that allows remote transactions to be facilitated by a virtual meeting and secure digital signatures is a way to give remote transactions a human touch.

More than just video conferencing

Hajarnis explained that the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room replicates the power and intimacy of a face-to-face meeting to close a deal using e-signatures. He explained that the virtual room was an added function to allow for human interaction during the signing.

Because it is cloud-based and browser-based, the solution is simple to use for all. Hajarnis said that users don’t need to download any video apps.

The service offers bank-grade digital security encryption and identity-proofing capabilities that allow you to capture legally binding electronic signatures in real-time. Hajarnis stated that a person’s identity could easily be verified before entering the room. “The customer can ask questions and see the customer face-to-face to increase the level of authentication.

The technology allows participants to work together on the documents, answering questions and adding annotations as necessary. To provide evidence of compliance or legal purposes, the service records every action taken during the virtual session and creates an audit trail. You can also record the screen share or video feed.

Hajarnis stated, “I believe it’s easier to close deals, and everyone will benefit.” It’s easier and more enjoyable.

Where do you start?

Hajarnis stated that many businesses use the service to assist with complex or high-value transactions. He believes that this is only a tiny part of companies’ opportunities to take advantage of. He said, “Ask what part of your business would benefit from being in front of customers.” Or, if your digital process still needs to be adopted, you can find out why. Are they in need of more guidance? It’s all about the customer experience.”

Hajarnis said that the subscription service is suitable for small and medium-sized companies because it is based on usage.

He said it is ultimately a chance for customers to engage with the company. “People still want people to shake hands with them in business. But in today’s world, that is impossible. This is the best alternative.

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